Short Synopsis:

How far would you be willing to betray your personal beliefs if your job was at stake?


Justin is comfortable in his job, but when the company he works for is taken over, he must choose between standing up for what he thinks is right versus being made redundant. Justin watches on in horror as an altercation between two colleagues begins to go horribly wrong, but why is he the only one who appears to be disturbed? Can none of his colleagues see what is happening, or are they too afraid to speak out?



Director’s Statement:

‘Tick Tick Tick’ is a black comedy about what it means to be a worker bee when you have a mind of your own. Have you ever had a job where your boss has asked you to do something and you’ve thought ‘What the hell is the point in that? This is so stupid. There’s got to be a better way,’ then this film is for you. It’s a film about the fear of speaking up getting you at best, black-listed, at worst, fired. At its core, ‘Tick Tick Tick’ is not anti-management, but a rallying cry for the necessity of free-thinking and the value of common sense.

Production Stills/Behind The Scenes


  • director: Larry Ketang
  • writer/director: Liam White
  • dop: Gareth Bowler
  • sound: Martyn Ellis
  • colour: Andrew McKee


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Instagram – @tickticktickfilm

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  • shooting format: digital
  • duration: 14mins 2secs
  • screening format: DCP/MP4
  • aspect ratio: 2.4:1
  • sound format: stereo