One False Move


Short Synopsis:

A man’s quiet lunch is disturbed by a chatty stranger. As he gets drawn deeper into the conversation, things begin to take a sinister turn…


Colin is an Englishman living in Marseilles. He is happy with his life here; the calm routine of it all. But unbeknown to Colin, some events that were buried deep in his past have become dislodged in the darkness, and are bubbling up to the surface…

Director’s Statement:

‘One False Move’ is a short film about the past catching up with you: about the moment someone’s mundane life is slapped off its axis.

After finally completing a short that involved numerous locations, actors, extras and seasonal-specific shooting schedules, we wanted to film a short that would be about as easy to film as possible, with as minimal post-production as possible. Inspired (logistically) by Sam Benenati’s short film ‘Emily’, the idea was to create a short that was one continuous close-up of a single character.

However, a film’s visuals mean nothing without a decent script behind them, and so it was important to come up with a story that was captivating enough that not only did it not matter that you only see one face for almost the whole running time, but in fact that aspect would actually feed into the creeping sense of dread and the unease the viewer should feel.



Although a talented two-man cast is in place for a Spring 2019 shoot, it would be foolish of us to announce their names before a single frame has been shot, lest we invoke a Force Majeure. Keep your eyes peeled though; we are excited about this one!

As you can see above, ‘One False Move’ will be crewed by the same ragtag bunch of ne-er-do-wells.